“You Can Save Your Marriage, and We Can Help”

My name is Melissa Cruz. My husband, Jon, and I started marriagepassion.org to help others to save their marriages!  We did it, and so can you.

Who is Behind Marriage Passion(TM)

Melissa and Jon Cruz are the creators of marriagepassion.org, a source for helping couples re-discover the love they once had to bring them together again. We are Providing a Free 6-Part Guide called, Marriage Rescue, a guide to to helping you save your marriage and stop the divorce.


What’s the Story Behind Marriage Passion(TM)

Yes, I struggled with my marriage, and it almost ended in a divorce. After 16 years of marriage, Jon and I had found ourselves growing distant to one another. It was a slow growing separation that took place over the years. Our lives just became detached with one another, boring and sexless. We really found ourselves married, but yet we really had grown separated mentally and physically. The passion for one another was gone. Arguments between us just seemed to slowly become more common and intense. We were right on the edge of divorce…

It was at this lowest point, that I decided I was NOT going to give up that easy. I married and invested 16 years to a man that I once fell in love with, and I was simply not going to let it all end in a divorce. I decided to fight for my marriage! And I began to read and watch everything out there on how to save my marriage. I read books, guides, watched videos, just about everything out there to reignite the passion between us and save my marriage from a divorce.

Through our struggles and everything I learned on my path to stop my divorce from happening, this site was created. We wanted to share what worked for us, to help You!




Download our 6-step approach to saving your marriage and making it BETTER than ever. Simply click the link below, to access our free course now: